Wednesday 16 April 2014
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Same-sex couple denied museum entry

The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, has turned away two men from an evening event at the venue because they had no female partners.

The Creation Museum, Kentucky.According to reports, the couple planned to attend the museum’s Date Night on 11 February, but were turned away at the door and not reimbursed for the $71.90 tickets they bought online.

The same-sex couple and museum officials are both in agreement on the reasons why they were turned away, but they are in disagreement over whether it was clear that same-sex couples would be turned away from the Creation Museum, which is based on a literal interpretation of the Bible.

Mark Looy, chief communications officer for the museum, claims that the marketing material explicitly said the event was for heterosexual couples only and involved a talk from museum founder Ken Ham, who is also the founder of Answers in Genesis-US and one of America’s most famous Christian speakers.

An exhibit showing humans coexisting with dinosaurs."The message was one of Christian marriage, which the Bible teaches is between a man and a woman," he told The Kentucky Enquirer.

The 70,000 square foot Kentucky museum offers visitors a literal interpretation of the Bible, depicting how the world was created in six days around 6,000 years ago and casting its characters and animals in familiar settings.

In the museum, Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden, while dinosaurs roam near its rivers and the serpent coils around the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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"Could this be true? Surely two men could be brothers, cousins, colleagues, even friends? I find this hard to believe."
Josephine Siedlecka

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